Marke Inklusion englisch

The Brand Inklusion in Deutschland (inclusion in Germany): 5 hands colored red, green, blue, violette and orange shape a circle. On top of the hands is the brand name: Inklusion in Deutschland.

[Englisch:] Terra Haptica Download

The Golden Age - Paintings for all Making the previously unheard, unseen and unimaginable accessible

published in "Terra Haptica #5",   (Word-File 1.8 MB)

Article Terra Haptica

[Englisch:] Gegenwart Download

Braille and Universal Design - Taking Stock of the Issues at Stake

published in "Gegenwart 07/2011", Magazine of the German Federation for the Blind and Partially Sighted (DBSV)   (Word-File 48 KB)

Article Gegenwart

[Englisch:] Braille21 Download

World Congress Braille21 - "Innovations in Braille in the 21st Century"

Talk given on Wednesday, 28 September 2011 in Leipzig, Germany   (Word-File 48 KB)

Talk Braille21