Bildblock 01

The cover of the book. In the background - diffuse and dark a segment of the painting Duet. On top of it, in big golden yellow letters stands the title of the book The Golden Age, combined with a sticker in braille.

Bildblock 02

The book is opened: now we can see the inside cover and on the right side, at the picture margin there is the body of the book. The inside cover shows only parts of a large-formate photo of blind people visiting a museum. On top of the inside cover page there is a black DAISY-CD, which makes the book audible.

Bildblock 02 english

  • Double page for the painting Pinboard with Flute. The painting on the right page was optimized for visually handicapped people via an intensified contrast. On top of this page is a deep bold relief foil, which makes the contours of the painting touchable. In the lower right corner of the photo showing the double page there is a hand lifting the lower edge of the bold relief foil.
  • Up next a glance at the page with the painting Rough Sea with Boats by Ludolf Backhuisen. You can listen to the description of the painting in the following audio description.

Bildblock 03 english

  • The following photo shows the page of the painting Garland of Flowers and Fruit by Jan Davidsz de Heem with the bold relief foil on top of it. Below the foil it can clearly be noticed how black print, transparent braille and transparent bold relief are overlapping.
  • Furthermore, the touchable detail of a flashed tulip taken from the painting Garland of Flowers and Fruit. The detail is situated the left sight of the double page. On the right page is the explanation for the tulip with information on the Dutch tulipomania. In 1637 the tulipomania led to the first burst of a speculation bubble in economic history.
  • Concluding, one more touchable detail illustration from a side-portrait of a scholar, who is depicted in the painting The Geographer. The picture is a part of a workshop-painting, which was produced by a student of the famous Gerard Dou. The scholar's beard has a touchable structure.